Frans Brugman

Frans Brugman provides his clients with tax advice. That may sound ordinary, but he is not a standard tax consultant. "Once they talk to me, they will not consider anyone else," he says. And: "Tax can be fun too. My clients often tell me that they understand it after they have talked to me.”

Frans always searches for solutions. "I don’t want to hear:  ‘It can’t be done.’ There is always a way and I can’t stand hearing that someone won’t try. Sometimes it needs an unconventional solution. He is much concerned with cooperation between companies, but also setting the lines in the field of taxation. "What should happen and when? Where do you want to be in 5 to 10 years?"

Frans has 23 years of experience and  always takes a professional point of view. But being professional isn’t a goal itself. “I try to think creatively without thinking about where we may end up and involve my clients in this process. The outcome can be something completely else of what you first had in mind.

Throughout this whole process I always keep the interest of the client in mind. We aim for the long-term relationship. This might result in a client getting the advice opposite of what he came for. Once someone who came to establish a cooperation went home with the advice to maintain his partnership. And another client came because he wanted to become an entrepreneur. During the conversation I advised him not to do this, ‘just get a regular job’. Despite his concerns, he followed my advice and is glad he did, considering the economic changes at that moment.”